Sandra Taekema-van Tiggelen

Every year the trustees of the Koning Willem Fonds receive at least one request for help with funding a new boiler for somebody, who does not have hot water and heating. Sometimes this person lives in this situation for months or even years before they find their way to the KWF.

The trustees are always willing to help, but funding a new boiler is expensive and can easily cost £ 2,000. For this reason the charity has decided to start a dedicated appeal and we are asking our supporters to donate towards this specific cause.

During the Boeken & Bollen (Books & Bulbs) event by the Koning Willem Fonds last September, our honorary president, the Netherlands Ambassador Simon Smits opened the Boiler Drive by donating online; to date we have collected £ 400 on top of the funds raised by the event itself.

This ‘Boiler Drive’ is an electronic way of collecting money to help at least one of our applicants with replacing a broken boiler. The Boiler Drive can be found on the Just Giving website by following this link:

You can donate any amount you like by clicking the DONATE button on that web page.

Please help us complete our goal !

With all best wishes from the people who help the Koning Willem Fonds move forward.
We hope you will help us make somebody’s winter warm and cosy.

Thank you very much !

                    Sandra Taekema-van Tiggelen
                                             Events Coordinator Koning Willem Fonds