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Before applying to the fund  please READ and NOTE that:

  • assistance is only provided to genuine enquirers with Netherlands (Dutch) nationality;
  • all enquirers need to live in the United Kingdom;
  • learning and or educational grants are NOT provided nor considered.
    KWF Charity Trustees meet only ONCE per month to discuss applications for help,
    hence the application process takes at least this long and any eventual support is
    dependent on the gathering of financial information and after completion in a real time
    meeting with the Trustees.

Only if you fulfil and understand all 4 conditions above you might qualify for KWF support.

By using and sending the email below you give your consent to the
KWF Trustees to use all information you provide and or is subsequently required
by third parties for the purpose of processing your enquiry.

 click here to request KWF support 

(emails without a subject heading will be deleted unread)

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