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   Our History
1874 A Dinner at the Cannon Street Hotel to celebrate the
Silver Jubilee of King Willem III of The Netherlands
     An after dinner speaker spoke of the plight of some Dutch people living in the UK.
Due to this inspiring speech, a spontaneous collection raised £ 160, worth £ 10,000 today.

1875 KWF Officially Registered
     King Willem III himself is the most notable donor to the Fund

1895 Princess Wilhelmina
     Becomes the first Royal Patron whilst on a visit to see Queen Victoria.
Royal Support of the Fund has continued to this day.

TODAY We continue the Tradition of our Founders.
Since 1981 we are very honoured to be supported by our Royal Patron Princes Beatrix (former Queen Beatrix).
Koning Willem Fonds continues to support Dutch people living in the UK whose lives have been overburdened by worry due to illness, job loss or other unfortunate life events, by insurmountable social security red tape or even errors by public bodies.

From the Charity’s inception until the present day the work has evolved reflecting changes in societal pressures.