Legal Status
  The Charity is governed by statutes as revised in 1961 and registered in England with the Charity Commissioners under charity number 213032. The Statutes have been amended in subsequent years, the latest being on 29th May 2002.
The Board of Trustees, in consultation with the Social Work Coordinator, decides what assistance can be given. The Board will, in general, give priority to applications made by vulnerable people and those facing an emergency.
The Social Work Coordinator sends out the application form, checks the applicant's eligibility and verifies the information provided and prepares a small dossier for the Trustees. The cases are discussed at the monthly Trustees' meetings or earlier if the matter is urgent.
The Executive Committee regularly reviews the Society's reserves policy. The level of reserves held is influenced by the annual budget, outstanding grant commitments, economic factors and investment returns.
The Endowment Fund represented a capital account where the Board of Trustees had the power to convert such funds into expendable income at their discretion.
During 2020 the decision was taken by the Board of Trustees to transfer the balance
on the Endowment Fund into the General Fund.
The Trustees' investment powers are governed by statute, which permits the Charity's funds to be invested in any security authorised by Law for the investment for the Trust property. The policy of the Trustees is to maintain income whilst preserving the real value of the investments. The Charity's investments have continued to be managed in conformity with our policy and their performance for the year has been acceptable.
The Trustees examine the major risks that the Charity faces each year. The Charity has very little fixed costs and no associated risks other than the ability to continue with and increase its current level of charitable work. This relies on the donations and the return of investments. Investments are managed by investment advisors and invested in a wide range of investments to reduce risk.